Goldilocks Work - Research and practice

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Goldilocks Work is about research and practice for designing productive jobs promoting workers’ health and capacity

This site introduces the vision, principles and approaches of Goldilocks Work. It also describes current and planned projects in the context of Goldilocks Work, resources available for researchers, practitioners and industry to promote and design Goldilocks Work, and contact details for researchers devoted to Goldilocks Work. 


The vision of Goldilocks Work is to enhance global public health and employability by designing productive jobs, which promote workers health and capacity.

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The purpose of the Goldilocks Work research and practice collaborative is to promote development, dissemination and use of the Goldilocks Work approach for enhancing health and capacity of employees worldwide by redesigning productive work.

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The Goldilocks Work approach is:

  • about getting health and capacity benefits while doing productive work
  • about creating a ‘just right’ balance between load and recovery

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Find scientific papers on Goldilocks Work, newsfeeds, intervention protocols and checklist

Collaborative partners

  • University of Gävle, Sweden
  • Curtin University, Australia
  • National Research Center for the Working Environment (NFA), Denmark


If you want more information about Goldilocks Work or have a query, please email to or to one of the following professors: